StoloConnect is a custom designed referral management web portal. Development began in 2009, with initial funding from Stó:lō Nation, the British Columbia Capacity Initiative (BCCI), and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (now Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and Indigenous Services Canada). With our web development team Culture Code, StoloConnect was designed by the staff of the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre (SRRMC) and PRRO as a bespoke solution to Stó:lō’s uniquely complex engagement and consultation landscape.

StoloConnect was designed around three integral concepts: (i) a secure system, (ii) a user-friendly interface, and (iii) a social-network design. The S’ólh Téméxw Stewardship Alliance (STSA), private industry, local government, the Province of British Columbia, and the Federal Government of Canada referrals staff have all played a role in helping to shape StoloConnect.

The StoloConnect web portal offers an inclusive solution to referrals management. We call it the “one-window” solution. Some of the main features include:

  • A single online referral submission for engagement of all STSA member communities;
  • A unique social-networking model, allowing for easy communication between all parties;
  • Interactive mapping tools allow for overlay analysis of proposed project areas and Stó:lō interests;
  • Flexible, intuitive database search tool;
  • Semi-automated, standardized referral reports integrated directly into the system; and
  • Advanced analysis tools to summarize referrals by a variety of criteria, allowing for cumulative impact analysis.
  • Consensus tracking, a unique tool for tracking levels of consensus decision making between the STSA and the Crown, as a tool for gauging Indigenous consent.